Optimization Training

Search Engine Optimization has become a vital component of a businesses marketing strategy, often making the difference between success and failure. Being able to effective apply quality optimisation strategies to a website in order to manipulate its ultimate position within search is a skill which many claim to be able to do, but in truth very few understand with any degree of authority.

Having ranked at the top of Google consistently for over six years, due to the robust, long term SEO strategies used, our experts deliver top rankings for their clients across a wide range of very competitive search terms that convert into real business for their clients.

Working hand in hand with some of the best SEO consultants in the industry, we deliver the best insider information straight from their Google experts to you. Search engine manipulation tips and tricks that you will not hear anywhere else. All of their processes are Google friendly and work for any niche. We teach all levels of search placement from Basic Optimization through to advanced techniques that will deliver huge volumes of targeted traffic.


You will learn step by step, how to optimize a website, common mistakes, the truth about much of the hearsay and rumour that surrounds the industry. So whether you are looking to move your own site up the rankings, or are looking to run an internet marketing business of your own, our top ranked SEO training courses will give you the tools and information you will need to succeed online.

Our Beginners course is ideal for anyone looking to make a start with optimization.

Intermediates receive a more indepth knowledge of professional techniques used by the biggest SEO companies in the UK.

Our Advanced Techniques Course will teach you how to create an optimisation strategy to dominate your niche across a range on online media, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube, as well as sharing expert SEO tips with you straight from Dave Holland, Managing Director of Deeho, acknowledged to be one of the leading SEO experts in the UK today.

Course 1 - SEO Basics

Ideal if you are looking to get started with optimization. Covering Basic theory & principles, you will be able to apply on-page optimization and build quality Googlr friendly links with this course. Find out more

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Course 2 - For Intermediates

A much deeper look at Optimization, including keyword analysis, competitor analysis, traffic monitoring, conversion rate, and building power links. Find out more

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Course 3 - Advanced Techniques

A complete guide to online marketing including; professional SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, article marketing, creating a powerful online presence driving quality traffic to your website. Find out more

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